Random Tracks


  1. Exotica Bangkok
  2. Parq Green Promo
  3. Chill Out
  4. Goblet Of Ashes (extreme metal)
  5. Bijenkorf Premium Service
  6. Help Bob Game - Theme Song
  7. Live Today

1: Exotica Bangkok Inspired by 50’s exotica music with some added Jamaican influence.

2: Parq Green Promo. An uplifting track for the Parq Green commercial.

3: Chill OutLaid back track with a layered Rhodes chord progression (no loops were used)

4: Goblet Of Ashes – Unhallowed Revelations – Instrumental. This track is the intro for the upcoming album of Canadian extreme metal band “Goblets Of Ashes”. The goal was to set a dark tone for the album.

5: Bijenkorf – Premium Service. This track was created for the Premium Service video from Bijenkorf.

6: Help Bob Game – Theme SongThe theme song for the Help Bob game (created by App Synth). The goal was to create a warm and friendly acoustic song.

7: Live Today An uplifting indie folk pop song.