Commercial Work

In the last few years I’ve been very lucky to work on projects for many great companies/brands. I’m proud that I have never missed a deadline and was always able to give my clients the exact kind of music they were looking for. Here you can find a selection of those works.

JAZZ/SOUL  :: A custom track that I made tracks for a Master Card project. Inspired by the sound of some heist movies.

CUSTOM MUSIC  :: Another custom track that I made for a Master Card project. Inspired by the sound of some heist movies.

TROPICAL HOUSE  :: Theme Song for a big Cargill Event. Genre was chosen by the client. © Inner Nova
TRAP/50’s  :: The client couldn’t choose between 50’s rock and modern Trap, so I made a crossover between the two.

ACOUSTIC  :: Music for national campaign for a Dutch restaurant chain. The music had a countryside/farm kind of feeling. Just for the idea I used vegetable boxes for the percussion.

JAZZ  :: Here the briefing was to create a NY Jazz kind of positive feeling. With a jazz drum session as a base and a trumpet session as the icing on the cake. The music was “scored to picture”.

ELECTRONIC  :: For a video series for Lenovo. The brand wanted a blend of different genres that are not really mainstream. I blended some blues with current electronica.
CINEMATIC  :: For a video series for HP. As most of the video’s featured a voice over we chose a minimal approach with new elements being introduced to keep it interesting.

CORPORATE  :: Custom made track for Zwitserleven. Had to be corporate sounding, giving pulse to the video’s it was used it. © Inner Nova
LUXURY  :: For a video of the number premium luxury department store I composed this music to support the classy image in the video.



EXOTICA :: This instrumental track was inspired by vintage exotica and the relaxing tropical island feeling. When you close your eyes you can feel the waves and palm breeze.
UPLIFTING :: An uplifting orchestral track that was already licensed to a large NGO.
INDIE/SYNTH POP :: Together with my great friend Michiel Verweij we formed the duo “Moonrise Sunset”. The above tracks was already (non-exclusively) licensed to a campaign for the fashion brand Riverwoods.
INDIE/SYNTH POP :: Another Moonrise Sunset track. This track was already (non-exclusively) licensed to another campaign for the fashion brand Riverwoods


CUSTOM SCORE :: It was very nice to do the score for “Agent […]”. A short spy movie with a little girl as the heroin. In the competition it joined it went to win the prize for best audio.

SOUNDTRACK :: A collaboration with my friend Michiel again. We were asked to do the soundtrack for this short wonderful movie about growing up. Michiel came up with great ideas for the lyrics, together we worked it out into a nice dreamy song.
IN PRODUCTION :: Together with talented composer Tjeerd Nijhof we will do the score for this short movie to bring more attention to Alzheimer.


I can either work with a predefined direction (like a reference track or a concept) or suggest a direction by creating an audio mood-board. Less specific and probably more creative approaches are also an option. Musical sketches can be made fairly quick and can be a good starting point to get the team involved in the project convinced about the musical direction.

TEAM :: Depending on the scale and the requirements of the project I work either alone or with other songwriters/musicians.
GEAR :: My Mac has become the central piece of gear in my productions.

  • DAW: Pro Tools and Logic Pro X
  • Universal Audio Apollo Twin
  • UAD Plugins
  • Acoustic and Electric Guitars
  • Røde Microphones
  • Axiom Pro Mid Controller

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Best Regards,
Senne van Marissing

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  • …just want to connect and share meaningful contacts when the occasion arrises.
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